Psychological performance training

Mental Toughness Bootcamp (MTBC)

Mental Toughness Bootcamp is a comprehensive mental training process that moves people from good to great. Mental toughness trains you how to control your thoughts, feelings and attitudes before, during and after a performance.

Here's what you'll learn in the 3 weekly sessions:

Week 1 (7/7/20) - An introduction to Mental Toughness training. How to increase sales by gaining a psychological edge on your competitors.

Week 2 (7/14/20) - Tools for crafting a World-Class vision with a bulletproof mindset.

Week 3 (7/21/20) - Learning how to speak the language of a World-Class performer to thrive in the new post-coronavirus environment.

Presented by

Eric Rittmeyer
Mental Toughness Expert

3 weekly sessions starting on 7/7/20
Total Cost - $59.00

July 7, 2020
11:00am Eastern Time

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Three (1) hour sessions on 7/7/20, 7/14/20 and 7/21/20.

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