Do Men Have Emotions?

Scientists have learned there are differences in the brains of men and women. They believe men think differently from women. We don’t know if this is a case of differences in our genetic make-up, or just years of gender-roles being forced upon us. Regardless of how it happened, it’s pretty obvious males and females think differently.

Boys and emotions

Many people believe women are the emotional sex; that they’re classically the nurturers and men are classically the hunters. Thankfully these stereotypes are changing drastically in today’s society, and the lines are becoming completely blurred.

Regardless of what type of stereotypes you subscribe to (if any), it definitely seems like men don’t express their emotions as easily as women.

Is this due a lack of emotion in men? If so, is this something that’s taught, or are men just born with the inability to feel emotions? The majority of people will probably say they’re born that way, but men know they do in fact have emotions; it’s normally a matter of not knowing how to express them.

Men cried when they were boys and were told by their fathers to stop it. Fathers told their boys that men don’t cry. Society said boys don’t cry. Boys want to be men, so they listen to what they’re being told and over time, they stop crying.

Society continues to paint a picture that men should not show any emotion. You don’t see baseball players crying when they get hit with the ball by the pitcher, or football players crying when getting slammed to the ground.

Losing control of emotions

If it’s believed that men are not supposed to show emotion, this leads people to believe they aren’t capable of it, which is simply not the case.

Is this a healthy way to live life? It’s a conflicting view because if bottling up your emotions can lead to stress and disease, why aren’t we encouraging men to let it all out?

Let them cry if they want to.

A change regarding men and their emotions needs to happen now. Future generations of men need to experience the therapeutic effects that are felt by being able to tap into their emotions.

And most importantly – society needs to learn how to lighten up and not get so bent out of shape when they see a man expressing emotion.

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